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EpiSouth Weekly Epi Bulletin (e-WEB)

The EpiSouth electronic Weekly Epidemiological Bulletin - called e-WEB - is a bulletin which provides a weekly summary of new health events occurring in both non-EpiSouth and EpiSouth countries (providing that information is already public or directly provided and authorized by the affected EpiSouth country). Events are presented in a public health perspective. Any interested person could register to receive the bulletin every week automatically.

The e-WEB does not aim to present an exhaustive list of all "international health alerts" nor a weekly update on already reported health crises, apart from exceptional situations (e.g. A(H5N1) avian influenza). However, depending on the nature of the event, updates are incorporated if they reflect a change in the epidemiological situation (increase in the number of cases, geographical spread, nature of at risk groups, etc.). The e-WEB comes to complement other existing tools such as WHO and ECDC Bulletins, and does not aim to replace them.
To the possible extent and according to international situation, e-WEB is posted on EpiSouth website public area every Thursday.
EpiSouth countries and other partners are free to post the e-WEB on their National website (or to provide links) and to disseminate it at their convenience.
The e-WEB is designed for EpiSouth public health partners (national and international) and to general public health specialists that would be interested in the bulletin.
The e-WEB bulletin is public, free and accessible to all.
For any contact, remarks or possible alert and data exchanges, please contact:

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E.g., 2018-09-12
E.g., 2018-09-12