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Co-leaders: Coordination: Italy (ISS), Tunisia (MoH); Dissemination: Italy (ISS), Montenegro (IPH)

Team members: all members of the Project Steering Committee (the WP Co-leader Countries and Institutions)


The EpiSouth Plus project is aimed at increasing the health security in the Mediterranean Region by enhancing the preparedness to, and improve the detection of, public health threats at national/regional level in the framework of the IHR implementation.

The project coordination (WP1) ensures the framework of collaboration and information exchange among the participating countries, promotes collaborations with other Institutions and Networks, guarantees the respect of the project’s schedule and the quality of the project’s outcomes in order to ensure the achievements of the Project’s results. Disseminating these results to relevant stakeholders is the aim of the second WP (WP2).


  • To support the achievement of project’s results by enhancing networking, partners' participation , and international standing of the project activities.
  • To ensure flow of information on the project between the partners, the financing Agencies and all the involved stakeholders (including the Advisory Board when needed).
  • To disseminate the project’s outcome through several tools.